Crusted Port

Crusted Port is a younger style of Port wine that is bottled unfiltered, leaving a sediment (crust) to form in the bottle with time. It is a fairly recent invention, aiming to provide a full-bodied, traditional style that emulates Vintage Port, but at a much lower price.

Typically, top-quality Crusted Port is a blend of selected fuller-bodied lots of wine, which spend two to four years maturing in wooden vats, before being bottled unfiltered. The bottles then must be aged for at least three years before they can leave Oporto. Legally only the date of bottling may appear on the label. It can take a decade or more for the wine to develop a crust, although this still represents an earlier drinking opportunity than most vintage Ports.

Only a limited number of houses continue to produce the style, includingFonseca,Dow’s,Churchill’sandGraham’s. Other houses have produced an unfilteredLate Bottled Vintagewine to offer similar characteristics.

Crusted Ports require decanting to rid them of sediment before drinking.

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